Friday, July 1, 2011

More Crazy Spinning

Hi and Merry Meet,
Last night I had another spinning gig with the alpaca farm that I've hooked up with.

This time it was at the home of the farm owner. This was no farm house! This was a gargantuan house, like the kind you would see in a gated community. It was a lot of fun! Most of the women had a lot of really great questions about the wheel and fibers in general. I was impressed with their willingness to learn about what I was doing. I was also being interviewed.

This farm owner that I'm working with invited over other alpaca owners to meet me. None of them spin or even process their own fiber so to meet someone who does was novel for them. I might be working with a few more farms and I might be spinning a whole lot more.

Overall, it was a fun evening with women, wine and my new favorite alpaca fiber!
Blessed be,

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