Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home Sick and Deep Thoughts

Hi and Merry Meet,
Last night I left my second job due to a fever and being really achy. My coworker took my class with hers so she had a MAMMOTH class to deal with. We have both done this for one another when something like this happens. However, I think she had the most we've ever had last night.  I seriously owe her some candy bars or flowers. It was so nice of her to let me go and take care of my class for me.

As I've been feeling a little better today I've spent part of my day sleeping, knitting and reading. In that order and then the cycle starts over. My reading today is a new book that I got called "Crafting Wiccan Traditions by: Raven Grimassi". I haven't gotten very far into it yet, but it is making me stop and think about what I believe and what my foundations look like.

One thing that is has really made me stop and think about are the degree systems that many covens use. I am a solitary. Therefore, I have no degree system or hierarchy in my practice since I am alone. What if, for say, my husband and I decided to bring a child into this world? What would my practice look like then? What if my husband wanted to celebrate with me? This really got me thinking about what would a circle look like then as a family group?

My husband and I are very open with each other. When I first became interested in the Craft I talked to him a lot about it. I asked him if he was OK with me exploring this new idea and what would he think if this fit with me. Would he be OK with it or not? He was very understanding and supportive of me. He even bought me my first Wiccan books on half.com so I could read more (our library here dosen't have a very big selection on alternate religions). He even told me that he has always believed in a Goddess.

One thing that we haven't really deiced on is children. We both keep saying "someday" or "maybe". I go back and forth with how I feel. I work with kids all day long... that has a big impact on how I feel about having my own.  However, if we had children, how would we rise them? Husband has never been to church other than the few times many years ago that I dragged him for Christmas or Easter services. I would want them to have their own  ideas about religion and I think I would try to expose them to more than one view point. So again, what would my practice look like with kids as part of it? I think for sure I would want them to be a part of it, but if they came to a time in their lives when they don't want to, well, then that would be what they want. Can I really say how I would feel without being put in that situation? No, I don't think I can.

I admit, I'd love to have my husband as part of my practice with me but I would never make him be a part of it if it's not his cup of tea. He has respected my wishes to follow this path and I will respect his to keep looking or not looking for what works for him. Maybe, someday we'll have an answer to these questions. For now, it's just me and my circles of one.

Too much thinking for being home sick! ;^)
Blessed be,

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cleaning Solution

Hi and Merry Meet,
This week was highly stressful for me at work, so on Wednesday I made a cleaning solution to help break up some of that nasty energy around my workspace.

Here's what you'll need to make this:
1 spay bottle
1 clear quartz stone -bathed in moonlight preferably
7 drops of sage oil
a pinch of sea salt
distiled water
 1 bay leaf
and basil leafs

I stared by cleaning the bottle by leaving in on a window sill over night in the light of the moon. I then left in there in the day so it would be bathed by both sun and moon. Next I placed the quartz in the bottle. I dropped the 7 drops of sage oil over the stone and added the distiled water. I filled it almost to the top. Then I added the pinch of sea salt. Next came a bay leaf that had a small hole in it, and finally from my herb cupboard I had some dry diced up basil leaves. I added a pinch of that to the bottle. After I put the top on it I gave it a good shake to mix it all up.

At work, I doused my table, desk and chairs with it. It left my room smelling fresh and clean. The loving healing energy that was instilled in the bottle got to work right away. The rest of the day the room felt light and happy. Luckily, my roommates like the smell of sage and wanted to spay down their areas too!
Blessed be,

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Out Hiking and Enjoying Nature!

Hi and Merry Meet,
All week since I found the Geocaching site I have been itching to get outside and find one of these things. There is one pretty close to my house, so after work yesterday I tried to talk my husband into going with me but to no avail. Off I went with my day pack, my phone, and an eagerness to be outside again. I have to say I am glad that I got out there.

The lake here is partly frozen and makes for such a beautiful site. The ground was soft and getting spongy. I could see tulips and daffodils trying to force their way out and get through the spring snow storm we had on Monday. It was a balmy 34 degrees out, but a light wind cooled it off a bit more. I loved seeing the park like that! It was nice to see all the bounty of spring trying to fight off the last holdovers of  winter.  I was happy to enjoy the moment and celebrate all that nature has given to us. To me, this was very powerful and I took some time to just breath it all in.

After my time of celebration, I did whip out my phone's GPS and found this box:

I'm out to explore a new park this morning. I like that I am learning about new places around my area that I never even knew were here! Not only is it getting me outside, but it's also helping me find new places to see nature at work and places to celebrate the Earth and all her beauty..
Blessed be,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Boots and Being Outdoors!

Hi and Merry Meet,
  One of my best friends from college is going on a 500 mile hiking trip across Spain this summer. I told her how jealous I was and so she asked me to come along! This sounds amazing however, leaving my husband home while I'm off running around other counties for 6 weeks is just too much for me to think about. While we were engaged I lived in Japan. It was a great time for me, however his phone calls to me always sounded so sad. I can't bear the thought of breaking his heart for six weeks just to have a fun time with a great friend. Luckily, she understands and respects this and has not pressured me to go.... although, I'd love to.

So, over the weekend, I did buy some summer hiking boots as Husband and I are planning to do some serious camping this year (since I'll be here with him!). I will be taking off from both jobs and just taking some time for us. Husband has saved his vacation time so he can take three day weekends and we can go off with our camper and have a good time.  My plan in buying the boots was to really use them since they are not going over seas to hike. I've been wearing them around my house instead of my slippers every morning to start to break them in. I was hoping that I might be able to wear them out for a short hike on the weekend, however as we are getting several inches of snow right now I don't think that will be happening. They have nice breathing holes in them...  not so good for snow.

Now that I've got the new gear, I went and found a new hobby for us! This morning I found geocaching. I had hear about it before, but never thought much about it. I showed the site to my husband tonight before he had to go to work. He's not totally sold on my new crazy idea for fun, but seeing as it's free and I get outside...  well, can't be all bad can it? Seeing as our new phones had GPS on them, why not put the data plans that we are paying for to work!?

I did find one coworker who knew what I was talking about today and now I'm trying to talk her into going with me on my first cache. She had been a bunch with her dad, but doesn't own a GPS unit. See, my handy new phone has that part covered! I think this blend of both technology and love of the outdoors is perfect for my husband and I. My coworker told me that she has seen some amazing places that she wouldn't have seen without going on these hunts for caches. Husband can be master of the technology, while I'm enjoying the bounty of nature. See, we both win!

Anyway, I hope Spring comes here soon. I want to be able to use my new boots and maybe not have to bundle up like a marshmallow every time I leave the house! :^)
Blessed be,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Ostara!

Hi and Merry Meet,
  Happy Ostara!!!
  One of our rabbits wishing you and yours a very happy Spring!
Blessed be,

Friday, March 11, 2011

Positive Thoughts

Hi and Merry Meet,
Tonight I just wanted to send out positive thoughts to all my friends and loved ones in Japan. The ones that I've heard back from are ok and safe. There are a lot of people I haven't heard back from yet and I just want them to know that I am thinking of them.
Love, light and blessings to all!
Blessed be,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting a Jump Start On Spring Cleaning!

Hi and Merry Meet,
A few weeks ago I started my spring cleaning. At the time that I started it is was not magickal, it was special, it was just something I've put off for a few years...

I started small. My plan was only to clean and then organize one small drawer in my bathroom. What happened after that was nothing short of amazing. I got ambitious. The basement suddenly didn't look so big. The whole house is now possible! Oh wait, I'm getting carried away!

Yes, I started to tackle the basement. We bought this house 7 years ago and we still have boxes that came with us from our first apartment. If it is still in a box now, do we really need it?? I found that we have a lot of stuff that we don't use/need/want/ or should have been thrown out a long time ago. We're not hoarders, just a bit on the messy side. That's hard for me to admit since I was raised in a family where your home should always be ready for guest and clean as better homes and garden photo shoot! So, being that I'm a bit messy and my husband and I have a lot of stuff is a big tension spot for my parents and I. They are always on me about getting my house cleaned up. Anyway, I found a box that seemed small to start with and I went through it. I have to bring each box up to the living room because my allergies won't allow me to sit down in the basement for more than about 10 minutes. I found a lot of great memories in that box and then I found that I have photos and journal entries about that time in my life, so why am I saving every scrap of paper from when I lived in Japan? This new found thought freed me from keep all this clutter around me.

Next up I found e-bay. This has changed everything!!!  Now I can clean and sell off my stuff without housing it until summer for a garage sale!!  The more things that have left my house the better I feel. Then I realized that the more I let go of, the more baggage and stale energy is also released from my house. It's become very spiritual to let go. My husband has noticed the lightness in the house and has started to help me clean out the old. I feel like our house is becoming the home it was meant to be and is truly become our personal scared space. I have one room that I do all my workings in, but now the whole house is vibrating with new energy.  I want to do a whole house blessing in a few weeks to help all that great spring energy move in and move the old winter blues out!

I definitely have more to go before the whole house is cleared out, but it is the best start that I've ever made! What really got me going was that if we finish up the house renovation projects that we started we'd like to move to a different part of this city. This house was meant as our starter house and it has been great for us. However, I don't want to move all the stuff we have that have never been unpacked from our apartment or things that others could use and love. I am on a mission now to clean out all the old energy and fill our clean house with love and light!

Blessed be,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's Been Tooooo Long!

Hi and Merry Meet,
It has been way to long since I last posted. Life here has gone from busy to crazy busy in a very short time. I did complete my year and a day of study in May of 2010. On May 1 of 2010, I rededicated to this path that I am on. I have grown a lot since I first discovered this path.
I feel that I have been called to work with crystals and recently I have started my own crystal journal. It has helped me to deepen my studies of what crystals I own and what is out there in this big world. I have much to learn and I feel like a child sometimes when I find out there is so much more I need to learn. It is very humbling to see how much there is and then only to find out there there is MORE to learn.
I have become interested in Reiki. I tried to set up a reiki healing for myself at a local shop, however the owner has been out of town due to her friend's passing. Once things settle down maybe I can try again to get in for one. My friend has been doing reiki for years and swears by it. I would like to have a session to see what is all about and how it can help me with my crystal studies.
I decided to change to the title of the blog since my year and a day has been completed. I think that might also kick start me to posting more since, a new title means a new start! :)
I am still a solitary witch. However, I have found a group of like minded women who I have started to study Qabbalah with. They are witches and some are in covens and some are like me, solitary. It's nice to meet up and have others to talk with. I enjoy our meetings and look forward to talking with them.
I am still in the broom closet to my family but I am starting to be more open about the path I am on with a few friends. I have not come out to all of them yet. My husband as always is still supportive of my choices and is glad that I am happy spiritually. He even found some cool old candle holders in the basemen the other day and told me to use them on my altar. He said "if these don't scream pagan worship, I don't know what does!" They are cool old black iron candle holders that have leaves and branches wrapped around them. I love how supportive he is of me!
Anyway, now that I've gotten back on here I hope to post more soon!
Blessed be,