Friday, July 8, 2011

Trees of Life

Hi and Merry Meet,
Today I went out with my Nana to visit the Thomas Edison home in Ft. Myers Florida.

This tree is amazing! It takes up an acre of land. It was a gift to Edison from Mr. Firestone. It was planted in 1925. The caretakes told me that they have trimmed it back due to it overtaking some of the buildings.  It was just beautiful.

Later after a swim I took a walk and saw some other smaller trees. This group of trees were the ones that made me think of the Tree of Life.  It was so peaceful here. I sat and tried to meditate however the bugs feasting on me put a stop to that.

Sitting there made me feel like time had stopped. The trees had such a wonderful pluse and energy. A white heron joined me. For a moment I felt like something primordial was happening. Incredible!
Blessed be,

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