Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hi and Merry Meet,
Yesterday was crazy. I went to the doctor first thing to see about a spot on my face that is starting to grow and change color. While I was there they said I should update my tetnis shots. I told them no as it had nothing to do with why I was there.

Next ran over to my friend's house to drop off my shawl. I entered in the local county fair but the drop ofg date is while I'm on vacation with my Nana. My friend was kind enough to offer to do it for me! Yay!

After that I had to pack then I was going to shower and drive to my parents house. However that's not how it went. Remember what the doctor wanted me to do???

I went to make some garlic toast in the oven and managed to give myself a second degree burn. Husband took me to urgent care to have it looked at. The doctor told me I needed a (surprise!) tetnis shot! Yay! My husband is so proud. Really epic move on my part. The doctor told me a burned hand is the sign of a good cook. I just think she was trying to make me feel better.

So after all that I got packed up, drove to my parents house a bit late for the dinner party they were having, but managed to get everything done.

Today I got up before the birds. My dad drove me to the airport. Our airport near my house is really small so I can get better flights from my hometown. Side note, people don't want to sit next to people knitting with 14 inch knitting needles... too bad I was the only person not on a digital device. I made it here and it is so great to see my Nana.

I love being here with her. I saw some manatees swimming and playing in the water. I found an amazing tree that makes me think of the tree of life. I'll try to get pictures of that tomorrow. Today's pict is out the airplane window.
Blessed be,

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