Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Scared and Stones

Hi and Merry Meet,
The fireworks last night were amazing! I had a great time watching them from my front yard and then from my back yard. Husband missed the fun as he had to go to work. Oh well, looks like he's getting his vacation back so things arw looking up!

Today I went to the dentist. Normally, I don't mind going, but today was a very different story. I had to have my first cavity filled. You would have thought I was a ten year old child the way I was carring on. Truth be told, I got defensive and a bit bitchy because I was scared. I finally even told the staff that. I had no idea what the process was so I freaked out a bit (ok, a lot). I did have my zebra stone in my pocket to help me.

Zebra stones are good for teeth and gums. I held on to mine tightly. The doctor asked me about it. When I explained he laughed and said they should be handing them out. That made me smile.

My best bud left on her trip to Spain on the thrid. I bought each of us a unkite stone heart. I promised to carry mine with me where ever I go until she is home. Hers is packed in the bottom of her pack. I wantec to put together a pouch of the stones I always carry with me for travel, but I thought more than one for someone who has to weigh every ounce would not be the best idea.

Tomorrow I drive back to my hometown to visit friends for dinner and a lift to the airport on Thursday to visit my Nana.
Blessed be,

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