Friday, July 22, 2011

The Four Elements

Hi and Merry Meet,
This morning we went on a four mile hike. We love hiking to see waterfalls and today we thought would be perfect...

It was ok temp wise when we started but by the time we reached the falls it had rocketed up to 95. I didn't care and jumped into the natural pool at the base of the falls. Husband just laughed at me, but it was so worth it!!! The water was cool and clean and felt great!!! He just dipped his toes in. I always pack a small towel for waterfall hikes because we always put at least our feet in.

On our way back we had a great experience of seeing the four elements manifest. As we started back a small snake (fire) was blocking our path. Once we got around him we came to a small pool were we saw one large fish (water) lazily swimming. Much further on our way we had a monarch butterfly (air) float by in front of us. Finally a woodchuck (earth) waddled by as we were getting in the car to drive back to camp. Usually we see only three of the elements on our hikes. Today seeing all four was very cool.

After our hike we went straight to the river to cool off and swim a bit. Perfect!
Blessed be,

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