Sunday, July 24, 2011

Waterfall Wonders

Hi and Merry Meet,
The past few days Husband and I have been hiking waterfall trails around where we are camping.

Yesterday we went to Jamaica State Park. We hiked up to Hamlton Waterfall from the park. It was about three miles out there to see it. The hike was really great!! Straight up hill almost the whole way there. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vermont we were told. Also it is one of the deadliest in the state.

On the trail it is posted that there is no swimming sign however it is a very popular swimming hole with locals. Of course we jumped in too! It was so refreshing! Husband is not a big swimmer but after a three mile hike he was happy to jump in with me. We almost saw why it is a deadly place. The falls are straight up with pools up high that it fills as it comes down. People were scaling the falls to get to the higher pools. Going up they were ok, it was coming down. One guy started to slip and slide down the rocks but he was able to aim his fall into one of the pools at the base were most people were swimming. That scared me a bit. There is no fast way out if you got hurt. No way they could do an airlift so three miles back down on rocky small paths. I can see why people have died here.

However, Husband and I just enjoyed the cold water and the refreshing energy. Today we have no plans, just enjoying our time together!
Blessed be,

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