Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Caring For Others

Hi and Merry Meet,
Today was my day to take dinner and dessert to a coworker in need. As well as give her a much needed social hour or two...

A few weeks ago our main secretary at my second job had a knee replacement. She has already had both of her hips replaced due to severe arthritis (my mom suffers from this, so I have a lot sympathy for her). One of the other teachers set up a schedule for us to pick a day to take dinner to secretary and her husband.

I picked today to go and visit for a while and well as take a meal over to them. She looks great! She's moving around like a champ with her walker. Her smile was bright and she was happy to have some company. She said that she likes looking out the window at a family of birds, but it was nice to talk and have someone reply.

Being that I'm not the best cook in the world I went with something I knew couldn't fail. My cheesy rice bake always comes out good. I got salad and bread and even an apple pie for dessert. No, I'm never going to open a five star restaurant with my cooking but I do what I can!

When I told another friend last night that I was doing this her reply was kind of shocking to me. She asked why would I bother when I'm only part time there and I'm not planning to stay forever? I was really stunned. I thought that's what you do when others are in need. It never occurred to me not to do this as just because some aspects of that job drive me crazy, the people there make it worth while.

The person who said this I thought was someone who would go out of their way for others in need. I guess that only counts if you are friends with her. I would gladly take a meal to any of my coworkers at either job if it means a speedy recovery and less stress on them and their families. I just hope that if I was ever in need that others would do the same for me. What happened to the golden rule???

So, my lovely coworker was in high spirits when I left and I wish her a fast a healthy recovery!
Blessed be,

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