Monday, July 25, 2011

Dawn Healing Ritual

Hi and Merry Meet,
This morning I got up before the sun to prepare for a dawn healing ritual. I've done one like this before to clear out any negative energies in me. I usually do it on my backyard sitting on the grass facing east to see the sun rising in my pajamas.

Today, I tried something new. I got up raced off to the restroom (yes, camping restrooms are not as convenient as home) and quickly changed into my swim suite. I admit I would have liked to do this one skyclad but seeing as we are in a public park that wasn't really an option. (plus the fact that I've never done a ritual skyclad) As the sun rose I submerged myself in the river here, which by the way was ice cold! I asked the god and goddess to let the water wash away any negative thoughts or feelings and let the rising sun fill me with warmth and light. I stayed in the river for quite a while and when I was done I stood on a rock with my hands up to give thanks and grounding. It was a beautiful ritual and I am so blessed that we came here.

The rest of the day is wide open! Maybe a hike, maybe some swimming... we'll see what Husband wants to do once he gets up!
Blessed be,

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