Friday, July 15, 2011

Preparations For Camping!

Hi and Merry Meet,
Tuesday we leave for Shenandoah National Park for a much needed vacation! My husband's work decided that they should guve the guys back their summer vacations. Vacations make happy workers. Happt workers will work harder (in theory).

I've booked the camp site, got out the hiking books, found most of the camping gear from the basement and lined up a bunny sitter. Most of my mundane stuff is done, now on to the magickal.

From my spell writing class I have a sage sumge that I'm going to use to start cleaning the camper. Then my cleaning spray that I made and finally a safe travel bag. I'm also going to take a pict of us and one of the camper, place them together in a white envelope and kerp it safe here at home. That way we will be surrounded by white light our whole trip.

Being that tonight is the full moon I have a few other things to do magickaly and an esbat to celebrate!
Blessed be,

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