Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thoughts For The Day

Hi and Merry Meet,
Today I was just thinking about spirituality. My husband and I got a flyer in the mail about a new church that is looking for new members to attend. Before I chose the Wiccan path, I walked the Christian path. I was heavily involved in youth groups, Bible studies, and listening to sermons every Sunday. I was at all kind of retreats and groups. Sadly, when we tried to get married the church refused to marry us due to the fact that my husband was not Christian, or practicing religion of any kind. I don't blame them, they told us what they felt that they had to, however it lead to me leaving that faith. I needed balance and a strong women role model.

So, back today... this flyer was talking about "I think I married the wrong person." We both thought this was pretty funny. Then we got talking about how there is no tithing in Wicca. We talked about how balanced the relationship between the God and Goddess. It was a good discussion that helped me talk about what I am learning, and helped him in understanding what Wicca is all about. I enjoyed talking and opening up to my husband. We have always had a very honest relationship. We always talk about everything and our thoughts on it.

Over all, I think this was a good talk and it helped me to articulate what Wicca means to me.
Blessed be,

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  1. I wish I could talk to my husband about what I am studying and learning.