Thursday, May 7, 2009

Open Circle

Hi and Merry Meet,
Tomorrow night I found an open circle for the Full Moon Esbat! I'm really excited as this will be my first one and my first time to see a coven. I think this will be good for me and it will give me others to go to when I need some help or don't understand something that I'm learning.

This shop also has Wicca 101 classes. I took my tarot class there a while back and really loved it. Tarot is something that I have fallen in love with and it just makes so much sense to me.

When I took the tarot class, it was because a friend really wanted to go. I was just kind of along for the ride. However, after the first class I was hooked. I spent hours memorizing the info that we had learned. I couldn't wait for the second class. I found the second class to be just was wonderful. My friend, on the other hand, did not find it as enlightening as I did. She dropped out after that class. The third class only two of us showed up for and the final class, only me. I had to read for the owner of the shop (she was also our teacher). This was really good practice even though I was nervous.

Since then, I had done reading for most of my friends and family. I started the intermediate tarot class and have enjoyed it almost more then the beginner class. The teacher for this class was a professional reader and a wonderfully warm loving person. I love my classmates and the intimate conversations that we have.

I am very excited to see how a coven performs an Esbat and it will be nice to be a part of it, even if I am only watching! I am excited about the happy energies that will be there and the celebration of the Goddess!!
Blessed be,

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