Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Group Studies

Hi and Merry Meet,
One thing that I have been working on in my blogging absents is studying group dynamics. I've found all kinds of groups to watch and take notes on.

One group that I've noticed is the business group. There seems to always be an alpha male or female depending on the group. Then there is the second in command, that person that is always carrying out the alpha's orders. After that there seems to be the workers, promoters, and "yes" men.

In social groups these roles seem a little more blurred, but I think they are still there. There always seems to be a leader, and followers. Or as I've heard it called "Queen Bees" with girl groups.

In kids groups it seems more like there are the dreamers, the schemers, the bullies, and the straight A's.

This past week has made for some interesting observations. I've enjoyed this task and am now on trying new meditations.
Blessed be,

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