Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cleaning Up!

Hi and Merry Meet,
Today I had a moment where I decided that my bookshelves were too messy! I keep reading over and over that if your space is messy, then your spellwork will be messy. I'm so sick of clutter and mess that I finally grabbed the bull by the horns and got to work.
Cleaning is not one of my favorite things. This is something that I am striving to be better at. My cousin is a neat freak, my mom is the queen of no clutter, and my grandmother feels that if she has owned it for 30 days and has not used it out it must go! I want to be more like that. Not so extreme, but more on the less cluttered side of life.

So, I tackled the spare bedroom that I started using for my tarot room, and it has become my sacred space for rituals and such. The bookshelf that I went after is in my study which is next to the spare bedroom. I would very much like to make my sacred space in the study, but it was just too cluttered to do so. I have been trying to make small changes so that I can someday (ha ha, in the next 20 years, maybe) use that room for my rituals. That way I could be close to my books and not have to lug all of them over to the other room when I need to look something up. This is major progress in my world.
Anyways, here is what the shelves looked like when I started:
They weren't that bad, but they looked junky to me. Here is the new look of my Wicca shelf:
So much better! To have all my books in one place were I can find them is so nice!!! I'm not too worried about guests seeing this shelf and outing me as this room is on the second floor and not used by anyone but me. When I do have guests, they don't go in the study due to its very messy nature. I'm really bad about putting things back there... once I take them out, then I just kind of heave them where ever when I want to put them back. Once I have things in a nice order, I'm pretty good about keeping the order. I need to order the rest of the room before I can really use it for anything other than a catch all room.

Other news, all three of my Silver RavenWolf books are now here. All three of them have the old covers! Retro, check it out:
Blessed be,


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  2. I am in the middle of tackling a lot of clutter myself. Its amazing how much it changes the energy of a space.

    Mama Kelly

  3. Mama Kelly,
    Thanks for you comment! I agree that cleaning up can really change the energy around you!

  4. I am using the "computer" room for now. I have a sign on the door that says, "Ahh, I see the screw up fairy has visited us again." It is something of a mess, and hopefully I can follow your example and get it straightened up soon.