Monday, August 31, 2009

Random Thoughts Day

Hi and Merry Meet,
Today my cousin came over to help me prime the hallways for my international visitor coming in 21 days! Four hours later, we had two hallways primed! We did kind of run out of paint....we used every drop to finish, but I think I need to redo the final part that we ended at. It didn't come out so good at the end! That's ok. I do need to figure out how to get all the paint off my hands for tomorrow's interview. I hope to get them actually painted later this week. My cousin promised that she would help me. Husband has banned me from painting when he helps me. I am a walking tornado when there is paint out. Just have an open paint can in the house and I can get paint on me without ever setting foot near it. It is an amazing feat! Husband can't understand how paint is so attracted to me. Lucky me!

I ordered new witchy books last night! I love! I made a wish list about a week ago and I picked out a few that I could get cheap. I finished reading To Stir today, but I haven't finished working though all the working minutes in it. I do like her ideas on meditations. I find meditations to be so fun and relaxing! I love how they make me feel and how loved I feel when Ive finished one.

Hope you are having a great Monday! :)
Blessed be,

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  1. We've said that our kids can paint a room with a thimble full of paint, lol, they are so messy with it! Maybe you have the same thing ;O)