Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Lammas!

Hi and Merry Meet,
Happy Lammas! The first harvest and the 1st of August! What a beautiful sunny day it is shaping up to be.

I got up really early this morning to prepare for my ritual. I wanted to write my own and make it really special. As the sun was rising, I was outside casting my circle! It was amazing to be outside and feel nature around me. I love that feeling. The gentle breeze was blowing and all was so peaceful. My plan had been to make some corn muffins for my ritual, but that plan went out the window when I found out my muffin mix was a year out of date. Oops... So, luckily, I had some fresh picked cherries that I was able to use instead, not bread, but first cherries of the season (I thought they went well with the First harvest theme).

I took some time this morning to sit in the sun and just enjoy its warmth and light. The birds were singing and the dewy grass made my feet all wet. I love having the whole backyard and neighborhood to myself in the mornings.

Last night we got a special treat, I could hear the crickets singing. When I was a kid, my grandparents had a lake house that we would visit. Every night after catching fireflies and roasting 'smores, we'd go to bed with an open window and fall asleep to the sound of singing crickets. It's the most relaxing sound in the world to me. Since, my husband and I live in a much more urban setting than that lake house, we almost never hear crickets. We hear police cars, shouting neighbors, fire trucks, ambulances, and dogs (LOTS of dogs) barking. Never crickets. Last night was the first night in 6 years of city living that I could hear them. It was so amazing and peaceful!

Most Saturday mornings I am able to enjoy that same silence as last night since most are sleeping off their Friday nights. Today was just such a morning. That was why I chose to do my Sabbat outside!! My quite mediation after my ritual ended with the next door neighbor letting out their six dogs to yip, growl and bark at everything they see. That's ok, I was able to celebrate Lammas and watch the sun rise on a beautiful day! :)

Enjoy your Lammas!!!
Blessed be,