Friday, August 28, 2009

Altar Transformation

Hi and Merry Meet,
Today Husband cleaned out the garage... he didn't relax today like I thought he would. Since he was working hard, I made the decision that I would sand my altar down and make it my own! Why didn't anyone tell me I was spelling altar wrong!? I am dyslexic so if spell check can't find mistakes, then I assume they are alright.
Anyway, I broke out the sander to sand down the table I have been using as my altar. Here it is before I started sanding:

You can see where there was a top on it at one point where Husband's grandmother had her TV. That upper part broke off years ago. So, he was using it for an old TV the way it was. The TV that he had on it went out last year to the curb. The left behind table was slated to go to Good Will. After my dedication ceremony I was using a piece of scarp wood for my altar. I wanted to find something better. After a short hunt in the basement, I rescued the former TV table. It's not the prettiest thing, but I love it!! There is something about real wood.

After sanding the hard wood floors last week I asked my husband if I could use the sander on my altar. "Why not?" was his answer. Well, since he was working on cleaning the garage, I hauled my altar outside to start sanding.

I got the top sanded down quickly and it looks so nice! The miss colored parts where the top shelf had been is slightly visible, but after putty and stain should take care of that. I flipped it over and took off the legs and the sides. Here it is in disassemble mode:
I wasn't able to finish sanding the whole thing today. I have three legs left to sand and then I can think about the color I want to stain it. I am thinking that I still want to try to use that wood burning kit on it, but I need to practice before I try it on my altar after all my hard work to make it look nice.
Tomorrow, maybe we'll relax! :)
Blessed be,

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