Saturday, August 29, 2009

Meditations + Rabbits

Hi and Merry Meet,
I got up nice and early today to go for a run only to find it is raining out. Perfect weather to sit on my front patio and sand my altar legs! My hands are really sore, but the effort is so worth it. I am really pleased with the progress I've made on that project!

Anyway, today's topic is meditations and my rabbits. I've noticed a trend that two of my rabbits have been showing up in my meditations. In my sacred space meditation my rex rabbit Chanel showed up when she was sick. She isn't in them anymore and is now healthy and happy. I was surprised by this as she hadn't been there before. I was happy to have her there with me even if she was eating all my plants in my meditations.... Here is Chanel:
Then, last night I tried some new work with the Gates of Light. After I went though the Gate of Healing, my English Spot Nesquick was there. I wasn't surprised to see him there. We have a very special bond. Nes came to us from a shelter. He had been returned to the shelter four times. The last time he was there the man who had him was abusing him. He was baiting his dogs with him to teach the dogs to be more aggressive. Nes is terrified of everything (really, can you blame him?) and it took a lot of work to gain his trust. He has a very gentle soul and I just love him to bits! We got him two days before my birthday four years ago. I was so happy to have him with me and it really comforted me to have him there. I don't know if this is normal (pets showing up in meditations). It was my first time with this meditation and I hope that he is there next time I do it. This is my opera loving rabbit Nesquick:
I hope you have a great Saturday!
Blessed be,

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