Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cleaning Up!

Hi and Merry Meet,
Today I have adopted the mantra "A clean space makes for a happy witch!" So, with much vigor and passion I pulled out my vacuum and got to work.

I did a bit of house work this morning and then I got side tracked by all the clothes that we own. I started to pull out jeans, shirts, and other things that we haven't worn or don't fit anymore. I know that Spring has passed and I'm a little late to the Spring cleaning fad that people talk about, but I do try to weed out old clothes several times a year.

My hubby, who two days ago joined the gym to get in better shape, has many pairs of jeans that don't fit. Why are we keeping them?? Because he might fit into them again one day.... hummmm.... why not give them to someone who needs them now?

So, my donation bag of clothes has grown over the past few hours as I ransack the house looking for items that can be given to those in need. I am a big believer in Good Will, or Salvation Army stores. I think that they do a great job and people who can't otherwise get clothing can.

I also love to dig though all the stuff and see what kinds of treasures I can find. I found my alter libation bowl at a Good Will a while back. I also found a great set of wooden candle stick holders for my illumination candles. Easy way for me to set up my alter when I don't have a lot of money to spend. Also, I love that all the things I find are unique and individual in some way. It makes them special and they have a good energy about them.

I'm back to vacuuming and dusting after I go though some more stuff!
Blessed be,

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