Monday, July 27, 2009

Rabbit Ranting

Hi and Merry Meet,
Last week, I had to take one of our rabbits to the vet. He has a sore foot and I wanted him to get looked at.

What is it about pets and vets??? At home he is all mopey and acting so sad. In the car he is having a tantrum (yes, rabbits have tantrums....). Once I get him inside the vet's office, he acts FINE! However, his foot tells another story. He has licked all the fur off it and so he is now on antibiotics.

Of the four rabbits in this house, giving this one meds is the worst. Look at this sweet face: Trust me, he's not so cute when I have to try and get him to take meds! He's on two different ones... one of them he likes, the other... well, not so much. I think sticking my head in a lion's mouth would be easier then giving that to him.

After that task was completed for the day, I spent the rest of my morning job searching. I'm taking some time off to eat and read, and then back to searching. I have a feeling that my reading today will finish up the Green Witchcraft books. I do enjoy her style and next I plan to read Scott Cunningham's Wicca: For the Solitary Practitioner.

After, dinner, I'll wrestle the beast again for his second dose of meds! Only 9 more days of this fun and excitement. I really do love my rabbits, when I'm not fighting with them! :)
Blessed be,


  1. That is one of the cutest rabbits I've ever seen! I only have one (since his girlfriend passed a while back), and he is such a fat butt, lol!

    Just the best pets :O)

  2. Dear Mrs. B,
    Thanks! Monkey's cage mate Chanel is mammoth next to him! Gotta love rabbits!
    PS- Your Tanner is a cutie!!! I love seeing the wacky places she gets into! :)