Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hi and Merry Meet,
I've talked about the fact that I took a tarot class a while ago. I really love my tarot cards and love to do reading. I have done reading for friends and family. I've also done readings for strangers. I've started to look into other divination techniques. Two of the ones that I have become interested in are pendulums and reading palms.

I got a pendulum a few weeks ago. I cleaned it and consecrated it. We are still learning to work with each other. It's a blood stone and it has a short chain on it. I got it when I went to my hometown. The shop there is really nice and she has a huge inventory. At the shop, this pendulum was the only one that felt right. Once I got it home, we are in our "getting to know you" phase. I think my questions are not clear enough and so it gets confused trying to answer me. That's something I'm working on! I need to focus on making my questions very clear and precise.

As to reading palms, I use to have a book about it when I was a kid. It was a lot more complex then I thought it was. I tried to learn it with that book, but I never got very far. In my reading of Green Witchcraft III, there is a section on reading palms. One of the tasks set by the book are to trace your own hand, draw the lines and then interpret what you see. I think I need more practice with this!

Enjoy your evening! I'm off to watch Torchwood: Children of Earth. Love it!
Blessed be,

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