Thursday, July 9, 2009

Full Moon Esbat

Hi and Merry Meet,
Last night I celebrated the Full Moon with my own written ritual! I also found a small table in the basement that I can use as a altar! I didn't really have one before... I just used a piece of wood to put my candles and stuff on. It was too small, but it was perfect to start with.

The table was from my husband's grandmother. She used it as a TV table and a magazine rack. Husband said that he thinks his grandma would be happy that someone is using it again. The wood had some history! You can feel it when you touch it!! As part of my ritual I cleaned and consecrated it. It now is up in the spare room that I have claimed as my "Witchy Room". I put a card with a picture of the Goddess Epona on it and some tall white candle sticks on it too. I'm very excited about my first real altar. I'm hoping to find some cool material and make my own altar cloth. I'm excited to change it around with the different seasons!

Last night was very special for me since it was my first ritual that I wrote! I hope that everyone had a happy full moon esbat too!
Blessed be,

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