Monday, June 29, 2009

Learning and Running

Hi and Merry Meet,
Last night I finished reading Green Witchcraft II by Ann Moura. I enjoyed her ideas and thoughts. I have done the recommended meditations and I am waiting to do the Dark Moon ritual.

I thought a lot about the balance of Life and Death in doing these meditations. You can not have one without the other. That's the way it is. It's like have a pancake (hang in there with me, this should make sense in a second or two.). Pancakes have two sides. One side is always more burnt (well, when I cook, it is) and one side is always less burnt or more golden brown. You butter the pretty side, put your syrup on it and eat it. However, the butter and the syrup soak down though it to the other side. So, you get both sweet and butter and burnt all in one bite. Just like life and death. One side is sweet and butter, and the other is burnt, but the syrup is soaking though it make it as much an adventure as the other side was. Does that make any sense or only to me??

Anyway, I've started the third Green Witchcraft book and I really like it. It is using the first book as a textbook to work though. There are quizzes and assignments to complete. I love things like this because it makes my reading more interactive! Just like my Silver RavenWolf books. I am more motivated to do the work and readings if I know there is a quiz or something coming up. Although, her books are very easy reads and I have enjoyed them a lot!

In other news, I have decided to run a half marathon this September in honor of my mom. I have been running for about a year now. I started because I wanted to run a 5K before my 30th birthday. I made that goal and have been running ever since. This half supports the Arthritis Foundation. My mom has it really badly in her hands and feet. She is talking about giving up skiing because it is getting too painful for her. She is getting help medical, and so this is something that I can do publicly to show her my support. It has become very important to me and I started training seriously for it last month. Please send me your positive thoughts as I train so that I can reach my goal of being able to run the whole thing and cross that finish line still running.... it's only 13.1 miles to the end of the race. I'm gonna need some support! ;^)

Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday!
Blessed be,

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