Monday, June 1, 2009

History Lessons

Hi and Merry Meet,
I love to read and I love to learn. I also love books! However, I find that buying them brand new from Barnes and Noble is way to expensive for me. Luckily, my husband turned me on to I love it! I can now buy many books for what it would cost me to buy one from Barnes and Noble! The site is owned by ebay, but the books are sold by individuals and they are rated things like "new, like new, good" and so forth.

Last week I ordered the Green Witchcraft series by Ann Moura. I hear about this author from two different people. One was in my tarot class, talking about her book Tarot For The Green Witch. The other was a shop keeper who thought that her Green Witchcraft books would really appeal to me. I ordered all the Green Witch books and her Tarot book too. It cost me a fraction of what I would have spent if I went out and got them new. All the books are new, that is the best part!!

Anyway, I started to read the first Green Witchcraft book last night. I am still reading To Stir by Silver RavenWolf, and Wicca by Scott Cunningham! I have too many books going at one time! However, I like all three authors and their writing styles are so different. Ann Moura gets into history a bit more and the things that she is talking about I find are very interesting. Since she has several degrees in history you can tell it is her passion the way that she writes. So far the book has been a history lesson on traditions and religion in general.

This book right now does not have little practices like Silver's books do, but I love her style of writing and I find it very easy to read.

Here are my "used" books:
Blessed be,


  1. Merry Meet, Autumn

    I recently found your blog while searching, well, for other people's records of their years and a day. I'm chronicling my own and know how hard it can be to keep journaling, so I thought I'd send you some encouragement. Good luck on your path!


  2. Merry Meet Mary!
    Thank you so much for the comment! Good luck to you too!