Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nature's Music

Hi and Merry Meet,
This morning I was peacefully woken up by the birds singing outside my window. I love that sound! I haven't heard it in a long time for two reasons. 1.) Winter here is bitter cold and I'm not opening my widows in the snow! 2.) My neighbor's cat attacks the birds, so they don't' come around anymore. A few minutes later after getting up and getting my steaming mug of tea, 15 (yes, I counted them) screaming police cars whizzed by my house. I like the birds better.

I was so happy to hear them. I have noticed that we have a Blue Jay living around us somewhere close. It is so nice to see him and I love to watch them. I am worried that the cats outside might get him, but I'm glad to see him when he comes around. I've also seen some robins, starlings, and little chickadees.

In two days time we will be going on vacation! My husband and I really enjoy camping and I am looking forward to it. Which brings me to my other favorite sounds, the crickets at night! Here at home I can't hear them. I can hear police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks roaring by! It's a little loud on my street and so escaping to true nature is very exciting to us. My husband had never camped before we were married and now he is a pro. All of our camping gear is now taking up my living room, however, seeing it all laying out just makes it real that we are going soon!

What kind of things make you happy? Have you stopped and listened to Mother Nature's music recently?
Blessed be,

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  1. I love camping. After our trip, I told my husband if I ever win any money I want to buy 100 acres of wilderness. Clear just enough land to build a house and leave the rest for the animals. He likes that idea as long as it has a place for him to fish.