Saturday, June 20, 2009

Welcome Home!

Hi and Merry Meet,
We made it home safe and sound very late last night from our camping vacation. We had an amazing time. I loved being out in nature and just being able to appreciate it in all it's glory.

Our first stop was a week in Shenandoah National Park. This is one of our favorite national parks because it is so well cared for and the people who visit it really love it. I think it helps that it is not surrounded by lots of tourist towns and that you have to pay a fee to get into the park at all. One of the things we have noticed over our travels is that national parks that are near tourist towns and are free to enter are not as well respected or cared for. Shenandoah is amazing. We love to hike the trails and just see what kind of fun things come our way. Here are some of things we saw:

Deer are everywhere! We saw a lot of them during the week days where we were the only ones in the camp site. On the weekend, it was very noisy and so we didn't see them as much.
We saw the most amazing waterfalls. Here are two of them:
This one is Doyles Lower Falls on the Doyles River Trail.This one is not a "true" waterfall, but it was the rapids on the Rose River Trail.Here are some of the trails that we hiked:
This one is from the Pocosin Fire Road Trail. This one is part of the Rose River Trail. This is my favorite picture from our trip. It just says it all!

I have so many more shots that I could share but that would make this post really long! I'll put up the Mammoth Cave part next post.

Blessed be,



  1. Lovely photos! The best camping trip of my childhood was spent in that region. Beautiful weather, gorgeous woods and waterfalls, and that truly sublime Mammoth Cave! I swear, it ruined me on other caves for the rest of my life.

    Great to see you're back. Have a happy Litha!

  2. Merry Meet Mary,
    I also went to Mammoth as a child and it also runied me on other caves too! However, Jewel Cave have much prettier formations, but the vast size of Mammoth makes it so special!
    I also wish you a happy Litha!