Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shadow Work and Bird Calls

Hi and Merry Meet,
Last night I finished reading Green Witchcraft by Ann Moura. I really enjoyed her writing style and so I started Green Witchcraft II today.

This book is more focused on the shadowy side of the Craft. It's talking about the balance of light and dark. The whole world has both aspects and so do the Lord and Lady. I've only read a little bit so far and I am interested to see what else she has to say.

One thing that she has talked about in the book is a Dark Moon ritual. Recently the one metaphycial shop in town has started to have these as open circles. I missed the frist two that they have done, but hopefully I can get to one! I want to see how it differs from the Full Moon ritual that I attended.

One thing that Moura talks about is doing a meditation to release fears of the shadowy side. I think it would be good to face my fears and to improve myself. This Wiccan journey that I am on is about becoming closer to the Divine and improving myself. How can it get better than that?

One thing that I talked about before vacation was the singing birds. I love this sound! It was so refreshing to wake up to on our vacation. One of the birds that we saw and heard on vacaiton was a Veery. I had never heard this before and we were so excited when one was singing as we were hiking up an old fire road. Here is the video of it... however, don't laugh at the video part. It's only looking at the fire road. Listen close and you can hear the Veery's spiraling downward trill. Check it out:

I hope you could hear the Veery! My husband took the video... the reason it is of the road is because we couldn't find it in the trees!!
Blessed be,

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