Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hi and Merry Meet,
I hope everyone had a great Samhain. I celebrated by having a small ritual after handing out candy to the few kids who come down out street.

Now that it is November I'm trying to get our Thanksgiving plans in order.
I am running the turkey trot in the morning and then I'll help my mom finish up setting the table and preping the side dishes. The question this year is who all will be coming. My brother and his wife just moved to Colorado so they won't be there. So that leaves my parents, my husband, me and I think my in-laws. I don't know if my aunt and uncle are coming yet. The timing for us is the part I can't nail down. I have off Wednesday but Husband has to work on Wednesday night. Every year we run into this problem. Since my husband works in the food industry this holiday is kind of a big one!

This week however I am going to take a Reiki class. I have been waiting for a beginner class to start up. I am so excited about this! I've had Reiki treatments in the past, and I love how I feel after them!  This is something I've been interested in for awhile so I'm really glad I finally have the opportunity to learn it!

That's all my updates for now!
Blessed be,

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