Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hi and Merry Meet,
Did you ever have one of those days were the universe is really trying to get your attention?

I work two jobs. One is full time in the day and then one is part time in the evenings. It is the part time one that Spirit has been trying to get my attention on. The room I teach in is a classroom in the daytime as well. The woman who uses it is very difficult to get along with, as told to me on my first day three years ago. We have had to get use to each other and cooperatively live together during the end of her shift and the start of mine. Adjusting to life with her has been a challenge but as far I'm concerned the best way to deal with her is to leave her alone.

This however is not what she wants. If I am in the room she will talk at me then yell about how distracting I am. I'm not talking, I'm trying to read my book, prep for my class and eat my dinner between my working hours. This bothers her so she has written me post-it note messages to tell me things. This is were my problem comes in. If we are in the same room then why waste energy, time, and resources rather than talking directly to me. I have also reiceved a litany of e-mails about bothering her. If there was another place for me to go I would. I do need to prepare for my classes and so I come in to eat/work.

It has been coming for some time. I know Spirit has been trying to get me to see that this is not were I need to be for a while now. I thought I could tough it out and get though this year and then reevaluate. Guess not.

Last night it all came to a head. She attacked me for not respecting what the last e-mail demanded. I admit I finally took a stand against her crazy policy that our boss has a.) no knowledge of or b.) didn't set in the first place. It got ugly and unprofessional. I admit it became a pissing contest and now we both have to go to mediation.

I got the point that it is time for me to leave. I know it has been coming and now I know what happens when ignore the signs that I need to walk away. I will go to the mediation to try and see if anything can be fixed with my coworker. I will leave with my head held high knowing during my time I did the best job I could do. I wish good luck on whoever replaces me and has to share a room with this woman. I am not sad about it, just upset that I let it go so far as to get to the point we got to last night.

I am hopeful for what will come my way when I walk away from this.
Blessed be,

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