Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hi and Merry Meet,
Last night I went for part two of my level 1 reiki class. They quizzed me on my self healing and asked me to demo it so they could see my hand placements and flow. That part went great!

Next I had to give reiki to both instructors. I have only practiced on one live person and we only got through her head area before she was so relaxed that she let go off her dog's leash and we had to chase the puppy! Needless to say, that one wasn't the best practice. However, I got through both instructors just fine. When I was done they both did my attunement. That was awesome! I saw silver sparkles and felt so calm.

After my attunement I did reiki on the instructors again. This time it felt more intense that before. I also gave reiki to a plant. They presented me with my level one certificate and a astrology chart of the time of my attunement. To me that was a very special gift and I love how it shows what energies were where!

I really want to frame my certificate! It is so pretty and shiny! Level 2 will be offered in March. I will keep practicing and maybe I'll take that class then.
Blessed be,

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