Friday, November 18, 2011


Hi and Merry Meet,
Today I have the last of my reviews at work for this part of the year. These always make me so nervous since my main supervisor and my secondary one are focused on my work, how I do my work, and my general overall performance.

The three other days of reviews that I've had this month were not as bad as I had worried about. That's part of my problem, I worry entirely too much about them. What is done is done and I can only answer for it at this point. After changing my thinking to my last statement, I slept great and I am still anxious about getting them done, but my nervousness is much better.

Tonight after work, my coworker and I are going out to dinner to relax and enjoy our selves. That I am looking forward to!

Enjoy the day, whatever comes your way!
Blessed be,

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