Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hi and Merry Meet,
My reiki class last night was amazing! The class was going to be me and one other student. The other student had been asking them to hold this class for three months. That's what my instructors told me while we waited for her to show up. They told me we would have to wait for her since she called and said she was running late. After half an hour of waiting it was decided that we would start and they would catch her up when she came. However, my classmate never showed so it became a private class!! Yay!

After learning about the history of reiki and talking about energy I had a lesson in what self healing looked like.  I had an attument so I can practice but it's not permanent at this time. After my next class I will be certified in Reiki 1.

One of theno things that really interested me the most was that I can do reiki on pets. Of course I wanted to know if I could do this on my bunnies. Things got even better when the one teacher told me that animal healing was why she got into reiki. She walked me through what a healing for rabbits would look like. I was glad that I was the only student so I could ask all about bunnies and reiki!

My homework for the week is to practice self healing everyday and if I can practice on others then do that too. I was also told to try to do healings on the bunnies if they would let me. Chanel, my nine year old rabbit really really loves it!  She let me practice last night and again tonight. The other two rabbits were interested but would only sniff my hands. I was excited we got that far!

Tonight I am going to do my self healing homework and relax after that. Tomorrow I have off for Veterans day so I plan to get a bunch done around the house. That way Saturday Husband and I can have the day to our selves!
Blessed be,

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