Sunday, June 12, 2011

Positive Body Image

Hi and Merry Meet,
One thing I think our society struggles with is postive body image.

This is a tough subject. Our media tells us one thing but our bodies tell us different. Many women ignore the curves that make us feminine and beautiful for a gaunt sickly thin look. This bothers me.

I have curves, mostly hips, but they are curves. I am not a size 0, I'm a 10. I eat real food and I workout to stay healthy. I have struggled with this for a while. One thing I've had to learn is my body is beautiful the way it is. Eleven years ago I moved home from Japan as a size 2. I was sickly and eating one small meal a day. I was not happy this way. I has wanted to fit in and so I droped my weight so I was tiny. My husband was so sad to see me like that. I learned to eat again and cook. While I still don't enjoy cooking I do enjoy our dinners together. My form is much nicer now then it was then. Now I have a heathly look to me. Why in the eyes of media does this not make me beautiful? I think I look pretty good in my skin. Why are healthy women not celebrated more? Not the crazy workout freaks, but everyday women. Busy moms, business ladies, women who provide for their families, young, old and all the ones in between.

I would love to see a reality show that celebrates women the way we are, not some fantasy that is impossible to live up to. Marilyn Monroe was a 12 and she looked amazing! What changed? When did the idea of beauty here change? Why is it so out of control? From what make up I should put on, to what cream is best to fight ageing. It makes me sad that we as a whole are not looked at as a whole person, just parts that the media can then market different products to. The images for men are just as damming I think. Positive body images are hard to come by when everywhere you look someone is telling you how to look better.

Celebrate curves and enjoy the natural beauty you have been blessed with. Be a positive image for someone esle. You never know who is looking at you as a role model.
Blessed be,

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