Friday, June 10, 2011

Cleaning Out

Hi and Merry Meet,
In my quest to clean out unwanted stuff and stale energies I am having a garage sale tomorrow!

I have been weeding out for a while now. Ebay has helped me clear out a lot of smaller items. Tomorrow all the big stuff that I couldn't ship with ebay will be up for grabs in my front yard. I also have a ton of smaller items that are no longer needed here. My mom was so excited by my cleaning spree that she is coming to sell her stuff too!

Just moving the eight boxes that I had crammed into my dinning room to my garage seemed to make the house lighter. After the sale I will open all windows to let in a fresh breeze to keep new clean energy flowing. There is too much stale energy in my home and the more I can clear out the better the house and I feel. It is time to let go of the clutter. My fear is that if I don’t start now someday I might end up in tjat show" horaders". My house is not even close to what those folks have and I hope to never get that way. My problem is I'm lazy to clean.

I love a clean house! However, since I've been married I found out how much work really goes into keeping a house at a five star level. I wish I was more of a neat freak, I really do. I'm really good at cleaning when I have guest or company. My mom taught me the importance of appearances... too bad I missed the gene to like cleaning. My mom's house is alway neat and tidy.... and no clutter.

Funny thing is, my husband is the same way as I am. Guess we should guests over more often!
Blessed be,

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