Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hi and Merry Meet,
This weekend was my college 10 year reunion. I admit to be nervous about seeing some of my former classmates. However, the one I was most excited to see was my best friend!

When we started college she and I lived next door to each other. Since day one we've been great friends. When I met her she was Pagan and I was Christian. Now, she is Muslim and I'm Pagan. We have been tnrough a lot together. We stood up at each others weddings. We've made weekend plans for us and our husbands. Now she is going to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago and I'm still trying to see if I can go.

One of my favorite things is her knowledge of herbs. I've been staying at her house all weekend and I've already learned a ton! She has given me a huge bag of dried raspberry leaves to mix with mint tea to ease cramps. I've been trying to absorb all things herbs while I'm here so I can further my limited knowledge.

Last night we both learned that 70 year old women party harder than rock stars! We tried to keep up with them, but when they invited us to their after party, we had to decline. I hope we are rocking that hard when we hit our 70s!!
Blessed be,

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