Sunday, June 5, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Hi and Merry Meet,
Today I was out back in the garden photographing some of our jewelry for our etsy store when I noticed my yelllow iris has bloomed!!! Then to my delight I found that my mini purple irises are also in bloom!

Irises are my favorite. In my garden I have 5 different kinds. I love the shape of the flowers and the colors. The photo below is my new yellow one. I just got her last fall. It was so exciting to see it bloom after it's first winter in my garden.

Now with summer approching I plan to spend more time out there this year. Last year my garden fell by the wayside as my jobs were more demanding of my time. This year the whole summer is open to me and some good old quality time in the garden.
Blessed be,

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