Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vacation Time!!

Hi and Merry Meet,
This week and next week my husband and I are on our annual camping vacation. This year we have chosen to go to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada and the Upper part of Michigan. We arrived to our camp site here in Canada on Sunday night. We have been enjoying the time together and away from our daily stresses. It's so nice to get away and unwind together. During our real lives time together is very sparse and very precious.  Our annual two week camping trips give us a chance to catch up on everything that we need to catch up on.

My husband LOVES trains. Yesterday, we took an all day train ride to Agawa Canyon. The train was fun, the hike around the canyon was fun (well, for me...  I was geocaching...), and the ride home was beautiful. We saw many crystal clear lakes and untouched forests. It is amazing up here. Today we are going to go to the Bush Plane Museum. That should be educational! :) The photo below is of Trout Lake. It was just one of many we passed on our ride yesterday. I wish I could live there...  it was so gorgeous!

Tomorrow will be our last day in the Great White North. Then we will return state-side to spend some time in Upper Michigan. There is some great hiking up there and we hear that there are some spectacular waterfalls. We do love a good waterfall... hopefully, this year the hike is not more than six miles straight up hill! Last year I thought after I pulled that stunt on my husband that he was going to kill me! What didn't kill him made him stronger, and it taught him to hold onto my GPS unit so I can't trick him with long mileage hikes ever again! Oh well, he loves to hike with meanyways as long as it is shorter distances. :)
Blessed be,

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