Friday, August 3, 2012


Hi and Merry Meet,
Since we are on our annual camping vacation, we had to find at least one waterfall. Husband and I love waterfall hunting. Every vacation we seek out those beautiful cascading waters.

This year is no exception. Randomly, we came across one as we were driving to Pancake Bay. It was by far the easiest hike to see up close. Usually, we hike and hike some more and always straight uphill. Not this time! We walked from the truck to the base of it. A very short three minute hike later we were at the top of the falls. It was amazing!

Since I've been dreaming about Yemaya, this was a perfect way to celebrate her. We took time to sit and admire the falls. My husband understands how important nature is to me and he respects my beliefs. Sitting on those rocks yesterday with the one I love just felt so right. We also walked the beach at Pancake Bay. We had the beach to ourselves! It was like something out of a movie! The beach was a fine grain sand and the water rolled with white caps. The sky looked threatening, but it never rained while we were there. The wind was chilly as it blew in our faces. It was perfect! I could have stood there all day admiring the water and beach.

Tomorrow we are off on a waterfall hiking trek. A bit longer hike, but my husband pointed out that there is a brewery at one end of the park. I think we will be stopping there to reward ourselves for a good job hiking. :)
Blessed be,

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  1. Oh yes - there's nothing like a good waterfall! What a lovely place! Enjoy your trip!