Monday, August 27, 2012

Blue Moon Ritual

Hi and Merry Meet,
I did get a vet appointment for today. The sectary was new and a bit rude. She wanted to know why I thought this was an emergency. I wouldn't have called for an appointment if I thought nothing was wrong. The fact that he can't function like he should is kind of a big deal to me. Really? Sometimes people are just clueless. Anyway, on the bright side, they said I can bring him in later to get checked out. I'm happy about that. I'm so worried about my bunny. :(

One of the things I have to do this week is get ready for the blue moon that is going to happen on Friday! Last time there was one I did a ritual with a blue christmas ball. I filled it with something major that I wanted to change in my life. It was really fun and the ball has been hanging in my witchy room since then. I can look at it often and be reminded of what I wanted to change. This time I have been invited to a mulit-coven ritual. I was really excited when they said that we are going to use blue christmas balls to fill with a big change that we want in our lives. On this blue moon, I am supposed to smash the ball that I filled last time so that I can see how the magick manifested in my life. I don't know if I should take the one I made last time to this group. I don't know if anyone has one to smash too. I might take it and if we don't then, I can do it in a personal ritual at home.

Now, I need to think about what major change I want in my life. It was suggested that it be a big thing- job, house, car, etc. I have a lot of thinking to do. There are a few major changes I'd like to make but I want to pick the one that is a bigger issue. I think if I can get an extra boost from the blue moon's energy it might help me to think that the problem is not so big. Last time the thing I wrote down and added to the ball was pretty big and slowly things have changed on that. It's still a big issue for me, but I can see growth and that is really all I wanted to see. I think this time around I will have a better idea of what things I need to add to the ball to make this working more successful.

Here's what I have to do to get ready:
 take one blue christmas ball (glass is better so you can smash it)
write down what you want to achieve
add things that will inspire the magick (if it's house- a picture of a house, car- same...)
meditate and put them in the ball
 close the ball up and get ready for ritual

That's how I did mine last time. I'm not sure how the group one will do it, but I'm excited to see!
Blessed be,

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