Sunday, August 26, 2012

Letting Go

Hi and Merry Meet,
My sweet rabbit is not doing well. I am making a vet appointment for him for tomorrow but I fear that the outcome will be for an appointment to put him down. I know I have to do what is best for him and I have to trust in the Goddess that this is right. Maybe the vet will surprise me and just say he needs some meds. Last time he got sick he has a massive ear infection that caused some nerve damage.

Rabbits are tricky little critters. Since they are prey animals they don't show you that they are sick, hurt, or wounded until it is very serious. My sweet boy had just finished his meds for that ear infection before we went on vacation. My high priestess was the one watching him and the two girls. I knew he would be in good hands with her. Since we have come home, he is just weaker and weaker. I can't watch him like this so we are going tomorrow...  the vet that we go to is closed on Sundays. Yesterday he was dong ok, but by last night he looked weak. He is now dragging his back end and is only able to stand up on all four feet for a few seconds before he tips over. He can't seem to use his back feet to balance. One of them he is using to push himself forward to get to the food bowl. The one he seems to have lost all control over. It's so heartbreaking to me. Until I can get him to the vet I'm doing my best to keep him comfortable. The vet opens at 8, and yes we will be there then! Our vet is amazing. She is allergic to rabbits, but her specialty is rabbits. When our last boy rabbit died unexpectedly she sent us a sympathy card. They are so sweet there and make our rabbits feel safe. That's a big deal to us.

Today's tarot card that I pulled was death. While I know that this dose not always mean a physical death, I think I need to let go and face the fact that my little rabbit is about 90 in human years. We will do what is best for him. I don't want to think about making that call, but I need to focus on him and his needs. He has been with us for 8 years. While he is not my familiar, he really loves magick. He gets excited when he knows I'm working. After I'm done working he will rub his chin all over my hands and fingers (same as a cat rubbing up on you). I've been giving him reiki treatments since we've been home. He seems to like them. I've given him baths to help wash off the grim and matted fur that he is getting on his back end. I know he's not well since he didn't fight me when I tried to dry him with the hairdryer.

We'll see what the vet has to say. :(
Blessed be,

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