Friday, August 17, 2012

Dark Moon Ritual

Hi and Merry Meet,
Our vacation finished on a great note. Husband loved kayaking and the view of the cliffs from the water were breathtaking. Our last few days of hiking were relaxing that I feel ready to tackle all the issues that have come up at my job.

Last night I did a dark of the moon ritual. I haven't done one in a few years and it felt great. When I was having lots of problems with my moon time I just felt like the dark crone would be better to work with than the bright shiny mother moon energy. I worked with the dark of the moon for most of  my first year of the craft. I only worked with the full moon maybe twice before my problems started. Another witch who had moon time trouble had said she worked the dark of the moon to still celebrate the goddess but in a different form from the one most people know/work with. For myself, I liked the idea since I wasn't getting my moon or it was sporadic at best. And that was on birth control. After a year of switching kinds my doctor found one that worked like it should. After that first year and my moon time problems working out I started to work with the full moon again.  Then I joined a circle and we as a group celebrate the full moons and the Sabbats together.

Over vacation I started reading about dark moon rituals again and thought about why haven't I done one? Dark of the moon is a lot of shadow work. You are stripped down to what you need to focus on. You take a journey into yourself. The side of you you don't always want to face is the side of you you examen. You can look at your ugly behaviors and start to change them. You find beauty in the dark space of you you didn't know where there. It is very powerful and makes you stronger.

Last night's ritual was no exception. I learned some new things about me and I have a new focus to work on for this month. Since the moon was in leo I'm going to need to have the heart of a lion and the strength of a pride. Moving forward can be scary and hard, but I can do this and I will be better for it.

This photo was from our trip to the cliffs by kayak. Have a great Friday!
Blessed be,

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