Friday, July 6, 2012

Working Day

Hi and Merry Meet,
Today I needed to take some time out of my vacation for some time in my witchy room. While it is my favorite room in the house, I haven't been up here as much as I planned on. I've been up here for moons and such, but I've been doing more of my workings downstairs where it is cooler.

Today, I've spent the morning rearranging and simplifing things. The photo is of my very simple altar setup for my work today. My motto today is "less is more". Trying to declutter always makes me feel better. My books are reorganized, candles have been sorted and other supplies put away. It feels so relaxing to sit in here now.

I've also spent time updating my BOS and my dream journal. I added my latest workshop certificates to my BOS. That was a suggestion at one I went to that I really liked. Now all my creditatials are in one spot. Of course, I only put in photocopies of my certs, the originals are in a folder in my bookcase. My dream journal was another thing that has gotten away from me. I've made notes about my recent dreams in my calendar so I can recall it, but not details. I took some time to transfer my scribbled notes to a full written out version of my dreams. One in particular I thought was a warning for someone turns out it was a warning for me. I wish I had seen the signs before, but the lesson that I learned was a good one and real life ended nicer than how the dream did.

Lastly, I'm going to take some time to make a new crystal grid about balance. I need a bit more balance in my life and if my focus for the week is on that then I think I can accomplish so much more!
Blessed be,

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