Saturday, July 21, 2012

Goddess Yemaya

Hi and Merry Meet,
Since today is Saturday I started my work with the Goddess Yemaya. From what I could find she and her sister share Saturday as their power day.

My altar for her has a seashell, a blue earthwear bowl that is filled with salt water, and rain flavored incense. Since my altar is stained blue, I chose not to put an altar cloth on as the blue fits better with Yemaya's energy. I also have a hot plate that I put the candle on that my mom had given me. It is made from abolne shells in Hawaii. My mom was going to get rid of it in a garage sale. I asked if I could have it and I've used it for anything burning that is on my altar. It is perfect for this work!

My dreams haven't had the image of the goddess appear again, but almost all of then have had the sea or seawater in them. A lot of them I am swimming or entering the ocean. I looked up what water in dreams means and the answer I found was change. I know big changes are coming, spirit had been telling me for a while. I've started to take steps to go forward with them and it looks like that is what I'm supposed to do. Maybe as I work more with the goddess Yemaya I can learn more about what comes next with these changes.

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weekend!
Blessed be,

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