Sunday, July 15, 2012


Hi and Merry Meet,
This weekend I've been doing some new pathworking. I've been looking for more information on Yemaya since she has been calling to me in my dreams. The things I've found are really interesting and I love how many aspects she has.

I see a lot of similarities in some of her aspects to some of the other goddesses that I like to work with. In my personal practice I usually work with the Celtic pantheon. Before my dreams this past week I was starting to work with the Morrigan. I've been comparing some of her aspects of Macha to Epona. Both are horse goddesses, both are futility goddesses, and both are warrior goddesses. I've started to do some pathworking with this aspect of the Morrigan. Epona is the goddess that called to me first. There is not too much information on her, but working with her has really been wonderful. Looking at the Morrigan's aspect of Macha I have learned a lot about the goddess Epona.

During this coming week I plan to do some pathworking with some of the different aspects of Yemaya. From the information that I've found it looks like Yemaya has seven different aspects that are associated with her. I want to look over each one's information and start with the one that gets my attention first. I'm looking forward to getting to know a goddess outside of the pantheon that I normally work with. I want to take my time getting to know her and who is the god who is her mate? I haven't looked into that yet, and I want to know what male energy she works with. In my practice I use both the goddess and god energy. A lot of my friends use only the goddess energy. I like using both for the balance that it gives me. That was part of why I left the Christians. They use a lot more god energy with very little of the female aspects. Balance is what I need in my life and I love that I've got more of it now.

I hope you have a great rest of the weekend!
Blessed be,

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