Thursday, July 12, 2012

Being Called in My Dreams

Hi and Merry Meet,
The other night I had an amazing dream. I was with my coven and we were going to a workshop on this island. The island was beautiful and mysterious. There was dark stone structures everywhere. We were going to a large amphitheater made of this beautiful back stone (I think it was black marble, but I don't know for sure). As we were walking one of the girls in my coven says to us that there is a famous male witch who knows tons about wicca and witchcraft. Then she says that he is choosing an apprentice at this workshop to whoever can find him first after the workshop. My first thought was that is so easy. Everyone at the workshop will just swarm him as soon as it is done and during the workshop we'll all be looking for where he is seated. I got this was my next thought. 

My coven sister forgot to tell us that this witch is beautiful!! As we were going into the theater, he and his assistance were there greeting people to tell them about his opportunity. This kind of beauty was not one I can describe. He was stunning. Now my thought of getting the apprentice position was even more exciting. We walked in to listen to the workshop and I know we were all thinking about how we would be the first to find him. As I sat down I noticed the man to my right looked like the famous witch's assistant. It was! Next to him, two seats away from me was the famous witch. I couldn't believe my luck! I thought now I've got this in the bag! I'm seated next to him and I can get to him first so that I can get the apprentice position!

As the workshop got underway, the famous witch turned to me and said "if you can find me, you will win. Look by the water."

What? There was no water in this workshop! The guy up on the stage looked like the movies idea of a sorcerer. He had on a purple robe with silver stars on it. He had a blue pointy hat with silver moons on it. He was showing us how to make things appear and disappear out of a purple cloud. Looking out at the audience I could see most were not impressed with the guy's show. Most were looking for the famous witch. As the guy on stage started to wrap it up, I got ready to bolt to claim the apprentice spot. Funny thing, everyone in that room was poised for the same thing. However, at that point, the famous witch disappeared in a smoky purple cloud. His assistant looked at me and said "find the water and the spot is yours."

I left the theater and everyone started going their own way to find the famous witch. I walked away from everyone and as the full moon rose, I found a beautiful lake in the middle of this city we were in. It was on top of a hill, and there were stairs leading into the water. The stairs were a white marble and in the shape of a half moon. Suddenly, I had on the most beautiful white off the shoulder dress on. Oh, I wanted to gracefully walk into the water as I descended the stairs. I felt like a goddess and I looked like one at that point. As I strode down the first stair, I looked beautiful, and then my natural state of grace caught up to me...  I tumbled  right down the other three stairs into the water. Not the graceful entrance I was trying to portray!  Since I was all tangled in my gown, I took it off to swim. After a few strokes, I saw the assistance on the left shore. I knew then that I was the one to get there first. I swam over and sure enough, the famous witch was there too. They helped me out of the water and he congratulated me on winning the apprentice spot. At this point in my dream I woke up.

The next day my best friend from college came to visit. We had a great time hiking and going to the beach. While we were out at the beach I told her about this dream. We have been friends a long time and she is one of the smartest people I know. She use to be wiccan, and has since left for another religion that she feels fits her  better. However, she knows her goddesses. When I was telling her about this dream she asked me a lot about what the dress I was wearing looked like and what did the water look like, and the moon. She wanted me to tell her as many details about the dream as I could. We kind of left it at that as we were leaving the beach, but she said she'd think about what I had dreamed about. She was sure she knew a goddess fit my description, but she couldn't think right then which one.

Later in the day, we were hanging out and I was showing her around our town. One of the places we stopped was at the Santeria shop. I needed to grab some candles and she wanted some healing bath washes. Suddenly, my friend was calling me over to see something that she thinks I needed to see. There was this statue of a goddess in the dress I was wearing in my dream with my dark hair! I couldn't believe it!! My friend turns to me and says "I think Yemaya is trying to get your attention!" I agreed as that was exactly how I looked in my dream when I entered the water. I found a beautiful seven day candle with Yemaya's picture on it and a poem about her on the back.

Since then I've been trying to find some info on her and what I have found is really interesting. I've also been dreaming about her the past few nights now and I know that she is calling to me. I'm excited to work with her energy as she seems to want to work with me. Here's what she looks like and what it looked like in my dream:

Blessed be,

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