Monday, July 9, 2012

Tarot Party

Hi and Merry Meet,
Saturday night I had a home tarot party. It was so nice to have a girls' night out! Everyone had a great time and most were happy with their readings. Lots of relationship spreads were cast. Lots of yummy food and giggles too.

Being that I was the reader for this party, I got to learn a lot about each girl. It's been great doing parties. My confidence has really grown by doing readings for live people. I've done a few home parties now. They are so fun and I love reading. This time I made sure to take a stretch break. I brought some clear quartz to clean my decks between readings. That's been something that a friend of mine suggested I do. Since she had been a professional reader, I value her advice. She has helped me go from just reading for friends to reading for clients. Husband helped give me that push to get into it too. I'm glad he did.

Tomorrow my best bud from college is coming to visit! I can't wait.
Blessed be,

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