Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's Been Tooooo Long!

Hi and Merry Meet,
It has been way to long since I last posted. Life here has gone from busy to crazy busy in a very short time. I did complete my year and a day of study in May of 2010. On May 1 of 2010, I rededicated to this path that I am on. I have grown a lot since I first discovered this path.
I feel that I have been called to work with crystals and recently I have started my own crystal journal. It has helped me to deepen my studies of what crystals I own and what is out there in this big world. I have much to learn and I feel like a child sometimes when I find out there is so much more I need to learn. It is very humbling to see how much there is and then only to find out there there is MORE to learn.
I have become interested in Reiki. I tried to set up a reiki healing for myself at a local shop, however the owner has been out of town due to her friend's passing. Once things settle down maybe I can try again to get in for one. My friend has been doing reiki for years and swears by it. I would like to have a session to see what is all about and how it can help me with my crystal studies.
I decided to change to the title of the blog since my year and a day has been completed. I think that might also kick start me to posting more since, a new title means a new start! :)
I am still a solitary witch. However, I have found a group of like minded women who I have started to study Qabbalah with. They are witches and some are in covens and some are like me, solitary. It's nice to meet up and have others to talk with. I enjoy our meetings and look forward to talking with them.
I am still in the broom closet to my family but I am starting to be more open about the path I am on with a few friends. I have not come out to all of them yet. My husband as always is still supportive of my choices and is glad that I am happy spiritually. He even found some cool old candle holders in the basemen the other day and told me to use them on my altar. He said "if these don't scream pagan worship, I don't know what does!" They are cool old black iron candle holders that have leaves and branches wrapped around them. I love how supportive he is of me!
Anyway, now that I've gotten back on here I hope to post more soon!
Blessed be,

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