Sunday, March 28, 2010

My First Crystal Grid!

Hi and Merry Meet,
Yesterday I set up my first crystal grid. I have a really difficult week coming up and I just felt like I need a boost of love and strength to get me though this tough time. I use message stones that said "love" and "strength". Two of the stones I know what they are. The other two, I had no idea but they had great energy that I felt like they were right for this.

I used my pink rose quartz heart as the center crystal in the grid. One of the "love" stones is a quartz, and one of the "strength" stones is a rose quartz. I liked that these two had the words written on them in black, while the two mystery stones have the words written in gold.

Here is my Love and Strength Crystal Grid:

This weekend, I also spent time making a talisman for safe travel. Next weekend my mom and I are going to drive down to NYC to visit my brother and his finance. I ma so excited to see them, but both mom and I are nervous about the drive. In my talisman I have a snow flake obsidian (for safe travel), a rose quartz (for the love of family), and a tiger's eye (for protection). I'll add some salt and sage for good measure before we leave. Last time I went to a big city (Washington DC), my hotel room was robbed...while we were in it sleeping! I woke up and caught the guy stealing our money. So, needless to say I'm super nervous about staying in hotels in big cities. I plan to keep this talisman with me in my purse.

I also made one very similar to this for a friend who is traveling over seas soon. However, I will leave out the herbs due to customs. I don't want her to get into trouble for having plant material that is not allowed to cross boarders. That wouldn't be such a good thing.

I hope that everyone had a good week!
Blessed be,

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