Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hi and Merry Meet,
The past few weeks I have been giving serious thoughts to summer vacation plans. We are going camping for 10 days, and so I want to plan as much as I can before we go.

At least that was the plan until this past weekend. My husband's company is a good company 99% of the time. However, they just pulled a stunt that made me see red and him to become very depressed. For all supervisors, summer vacations have been cancelled until some new computer thing is installed and running. Being that Husband is a supervisor...  yup, camping has been called off! I asked if Company owner gets to still take his vacation. Answer: only supervisors have to give up vacation. Crock of **** in my opinion. Husband also thinks so, just he is not as vocal about it as I am. Although, he did make the comment that without his paycheck we'd be ok. His thinking is pretty unhappy right now.

Husband is the kind of guy who wants to earn his paycheck. He works crazy hours. He works hard. When I joking around said stay home with me tonight the look that crossed his face is one that I am unfamiliar with. It was a look that said he was considering just that. Since he started with Company, he has only taken off 2 days in 10 years for sick/mental health. My boy works for that paycheck. I even took the summer off this year so we could enjoy camping weekends and the big 10 day camping trip. Yes, as a teacher, I do get summers off, but last year I worked both my jobs all year so no vacation for me. It sucks. Both of us are pretty sad about it.

I've meditated at my altar about Husband's unhappiness. I still have the summer off so I can enjoy the time in my garden or knitting, or any other hobby that strikes my fancy, so on his days off we can do whatever it is that he's like to do. The answer for now is to just be as supportive of him as I can . Also making our home a happy place (and cleaner...) will help him too. I've been also scouting out hiking around our area so that at least we can still enjoy a day of nature together even if we aren't out camping in it.

Maybe, tomorrow will be brighter news.
Blessed be,

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