Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Hi and Merry Meet,
Happy Mother's Day! Since I couldn't be with my mom today, I went out to celebrate Mother Nature! I took a long walk in the woods and enjoyed listening to the sounds of the forest. I also startled two white tailed deer, who took off bounding down the path right in front of me! It was just awesome! Here is a cool tree that was in front of a creek:
Here is a tree that's roots were beautiful and in the creek:
I might have also found a few caches while I was out there... :^)

Next weekend, my husband and I are making a trip to our hometown so we will celebrate with our moms then. We will also be selling our jewelry at a craft show. I've been making these mini socks like crazy to sell, and he makes all the other stuff. Here are my mini socks:

It has been just beautiful this weekend here so I was able to get out and get in my garden. Last year due to having way too many things to do my garden was left to run wild. SO, yesterday I attacked the weeds with vigor. I also planted three new plants and called a friend to help me get back on track. When we moved in here there was nothing but grass out back. Two years ago I started to dig out the grass around the fence and make a small garden area. Over the course of that first summer gardening, I managed to dig out and make small gardens around the yard. Last year with no one to tame it, it got out of hand. This year I am taking the summer off, and I will get my garden back! I wanted to start small and then each year add to it so it became a sanctuary. However, looks like I went backwards. Luckily, it's a summer project that I am looking forward to!

Happy Mother's Day!
Blessed be,

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